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A new social video platform
with small groups
and rooms that shuffle

Strengthen social fabric one unexpected conversation at a time.

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How it works

name by priyanka from the Noun Project. Join the party on Mixaba

1. Join the party

Tell us your name. This is how we'll introduce you to everyone.

people by priyanka from the Noun Project. Join the party on Mixaba

2. Enter a small group

We'll automatically break out into small groups. It's easier to really connect when you aren't talking over people.

Shuffle by Rockicon from the Noun Project. Join the party on Mixaba

3. Shuffle

Every so often the small groups will mix. Don't worry, we'll warn you first.

Why Mixaba?

Mixaba is a new way to deepen relationships and strengthen social fabric based on a simple premise – communities can be more diverse, stronger, and increase their impact when we connect people in unexplored ways through a trusted platform.

It all starts by encouraging conversations with people you might not usually talk to.

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Use Mixaba for happy hours

Happy hours

Remote happy hours can be tough, especially with a large group. Use Mixaba to break out into small groups every so often to keep the conversation moving without talking over each other.

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Use Mixaba for speed dating

Speed dating

Online speed dating? Why not? Create a party with Matchmaker Mode and shuffle every so often to meet someone new.

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Use Mixaba for workshops

Work sessions

Do breakout sessions with groups of people for up to 15 minutes long, then shuffle and start again.

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How will you connect?

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