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Embed Mixaba events using iframes

Subscribers to the Community and Pro plans can now embed Mixaba events directly on their website or enterprise platforms. If you can drop in an iframe, you can embed Mixaba!
To enable iframe support on your event you just need to know the domain name of where you’ll host the iframe:
1.    Find the domain name of where you’ll host your event, for example: https://virtual-fundraising-example-site.com
2.    When editing or creating a party on Mixaba put the domain name in the ‘iframe’ field.
3.    Include the following iframe code on your website or platform.
<iframe src="MIXABA_EVENT_URL_HERE?iframe=true" frameborder="0" style="width:100%;height:768px" allow="camera; microphone">Browser not compatible</iframe> 

When guests join your event, they will only see the video and sidebar. The Mixaba logo, header, footer, and customer support chat are not included in the iframe. This is the fastest way to white label your events!