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Joining Events on Mixaba

Joining an event on Mixaba couldn’t be easier. Guests don’t need to create an account to join – all you need is your name and a secret code if the host as required one! The name you enter when joining an event is how we’ll introduce you to the rest of the event and will be the “nametag” on your video.

Join an event
After you join, if the event has already started, you’ll adjust your video and audio settings and go straight to a room and start talking with people! If it hasn’t started yet, you’ll see a screen like the below while the host prepares the event. Don’t worry, if you’re the host and haven’t logged in yet, you’ll have the chance to login and start the event straight from this waiting room.
The host will have the choice to start everyone in the lobby, where they can give a quick intro and speak to everyone all at once, or they can start shuffling immediately!
After the host starts the event, you can adjust your video and audio and then you’ll join the rest of the group.

Choose your audio and video devices