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Matchmaker Mode

Hi, it's Andres from Mixaba! I'm really excited to announce that the most requested feature, Matchmaker Mode, is now available. It's perfect for connecting mentors with mentees, job fairs, recruiting, speed dating, and more.

Now when you create a party on Mixaba, you'll be able to select Matchmaker Mode and create 2 categories of guests (for example, mentors and mentees). Then when people join your event they'll only be matched with people in the opposite group. Give it a try by creating a party and let me know what you think!

Thank you again for being an early adopter. Mixaba entered beta this June and since then over 250 parties have been created and more than 3,000 minutes have been spent shuffling and talking with friends and family.

If you like Mixaba please share it with a friend and reach out to me anytime with comments, questions, or concerns.