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Using the chat on Mixaba

In every Mixaba event you can not only talk with your group face to face, but you can also use the chat in the sidebar to send links, more information, answer questions without interrupting the current speaker and more.

This chat is only visible to the folks you’re talking with and doesn't stick around between shuffles. Every time you get a new group to talk to, you'll get a brand-new chat to start fresh.

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 10.40.22 PM.png 284.11 KB
As a host you have the added ability to send a message to all rooms at once. This is an effortless way to send everyone a note saying that you’ll be gathering in the lobby soon, or to set a new topic for each shuffle. 

Messages from the host are color coded, say (Host), and marked with a microphone emoji.