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FAQs About Mixaba

How many people can join a party?
Up to 250 people can join a single party, and you can have multiple parties going at the same time!

How can I end a party?
Your party will keep shuffling until the last person leaves. If you're hosting a party and want to say some closing words before you sign off just send everyone back to the lobby, wrap things up, and click 'shuffle' again. The party will then keep going until everyone signs off.

How much does it cost?
Mixaba is free to use up to 20 people, with plans going up over 250 people per party. Check out our pricing page for more information.

How do subscriptions work?
Subscriptions are easily managed in your account preferences. You can cancel a subscription at any time and you'll retain access to the subscription benefits until your billing period has ended. This means if you want to host a large event but don't want to worry about forgetting to cancel in the future, you can subscribe and cancel immediately and you won't be charged again.

How are payments processed? Is it secure?
All transactions are processed securely using Stripe and no credit card data is ever transmitted through or stored on our servers.

What's included in the Event Reporting in the Community and Pro plans?
We'll provide information about the participants who joined the party including their Matchmaker Types if applicable.

What browsers are supported?
  1. Android: Chrome and Firefox
  2. iOS: Safari
  3. macOS: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  4. Windows: Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (Chromium) -- Edge may give some unexpected results. I recommend Chrome or Firefox.

How do I connect my camera or microphone?
Mixaba runs completely in the browser and doesn't require any downloads. If you're having trouble allowing access to your camera or microphone please see this help page or reach out to us on chat.

What does it mean if I get a message that says: "This room doesn't exist yet. Please refresh, or close your browser and try again. (Error code: TURNMeetingEnded)":
Mixaba has some defaults in place to prevent platform abuse and occasionally an under-occupied room might close. If you get this error message please re-join the party in a new browser or an incognito window. This experience is currently being improved!